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Dream Living

Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely Anita. A well faceted talent from the lovely city of LA. She wars many hats in the her home town consisting of Blues Singer, songwriter, web architect, Digital Divide advocate and aspiring actress. I met Anita a while back through twitter and we have stayed in contact since and recently we have been putting work together in the studio. Emailing tracks back and forth to get that perfect sound. Before her album releases I definitely want to get to work with her in person because I feel that’s when a producer and artist come up with the best material because everything goes hand in hand and ideas can be shot back and forth on the fly right then and there. Her old soul carries through her music and the goodness of that is if you think of anything that was created in the olden golden days more time. dedication and love was put into every thing a craftsmen put their hands on. From music, to a home, to furniture, buildings etc… She is the epitome of this and her album will show that. I am definitely happy to be apart of this project and will keep you guys updated as things roll along further. Keep in touch with her through her website as well as her twitter page. Welcome to Dream Living baby.

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Apr 30
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